“We’ll talk on the track”

Max Verstappen remains mainly focused on himself and does not so much look at what Mercedes does or does not do. This is what the 23-year old driver stated in the press conference after his win on Sunday.

The fact that Verstappen is now, after five Grands Prix, for the first time on top of the world championship, doesn’t really matter to him. “If I’m on top at the end of the season, then it’s great,” said Verstappen in front of De Telegraaf. The Dutchman doesn’t like to talk big: “We’ll talk on the track, in the car. That suits me better.”

In a first lap prior to the Monaco Grand Prix, it became clear to Ferrari that Charles Leclerc was dealing with a problem. As a result, Verstappen saw no one in front of him at the start. “For Charles, it’s obviously a big disappointment if you can’t even start during your home race. But I pretty much had the focus on myself and my own race after that. That second starting spot wasn’t the best position, there on the outside, and I had a bit of wheelspin getting away. Luckily I was able to hold on to first place.”

Next stop is Baku for F1

In two weeks’ time, the Azerbaijan Grand Prix is on the programme. Although that is also a street circuit, the characteristics of the track there are quite different. There are more long straights, which means less downforce. “But normally we should be quite competitive there as well, but we’ll see,” Verstappen said.

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