UT Dallas offering students cash incentive, chance for scholarships for COVID-19 vaccine proof

The University of Texas at Dallas in Richardson is offering all students $125 for getting vaccinated against COVID-19, along with the chance to receive scholarships of up to $12,000.

Students are eligible for the awards through the Comet Vaccine Incentive Program now through Sept. 27, Gene Fitch Jr., vice president for student affairs, said in a letter to students.

All students who choose to voluntarily participate in the program will receive $125 directly deposited to their personal account.

In addition, randomly selected participants, will be eligible for additional incentives that include:

• $12,000 tuition scholarship (10 opportunities to win).

• $10,000 housing scholarship (10 opportunities to win).

• $1,500 UTD Tech Store credit (25 opportunities to win).

• Orange parking pass (50 opportunities to win).

• Up to $300 in additional funding for student organizations (60 opportunities to win).

UT Dallas is also hosting a vaccination clinic for students on Sept. 15, according to the letter. Additional details were sent via email to students, the letter states. COVID-19 vaccination clinics were also held by the school on Aug. 22 and 25.

Students who are already vaccinated against COVID-19 vaccination, can log in to the UTD self-report portal to submit their information.

“Data suggests vaccination remains the best intervention for reliable protection against COVID-19. If you’ve already been vaccinated, thank you,” Fitch said in the letter.

The $125 payments are currently being disbursed and will continue through Sept. 27. The additional incentives will be awarded beginning Aug. 30. For more information about the program, email [email protected].