Top Programming Languages to Get a Job at Google, Microsoft and Facebook


December 29, 2021

These listed programming languages will help you to land a job at big tech companies like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook

If you want to get a job at the big tech companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Google, or others, you should be aware of the need of knowing how to make an impression. Whether you want to be a web designer, game developer, machine learning enthusiast, or work in any other connected tech profession, there is one thing that you must have – programming languages. These days programming languages are becoming the centre of attraction among programmers. There are a plethora of languages that can take the aspirants to great heights. As the demand for software developers is increasing day by day, there is a need to gain hands-on experience in the best programming. This article lists the top programming languages to get a job in Google, Microsoft, and Facebook.



Originally built as a competitor to Java by Netscape, JavaScript now commands a space of its own in the development sphere. JavaScript is widely favored as the “language of the internet” because of its popularity. JavaScript has a wide variety of libraries and frameworks which can be utilized during development. There’s Angular, Vue, and React for frontend development, while Node.js is a very flexible language for working on the backend. Jest and Mocha are two flexible tools that help set up unit tests to check if the functionality is working as intended or not.



Ruby is a Japanese programming language. It gained popularity as a result of Ruby on Rails’ success. And Ruby on Rails was, at one point, the hottest framework for developing websites. Ruby on Rails is capable of a wide range of tasks. RoR has made coding a lot easier for programmers. This technology has demonstrated programmers how to make coding smarter with its amazing and distinctive characteristics. It can handle complicated situations and makes programming simple for anyone.



Python is the most preferred language for anyone who starts programming. It has a simple syntax, which is efficient for beginners to understand and use. It is widely used in web development, software programming, and many other uses. The language includes rich library support, automatic garbage collection, improved interaction with other languages, and enhanced GUI support.



C/C++ is one of the favourite languages of software engineering buffs. These languages are ideal for system programmers. It is relatively fast and stable and provides users with a ready-to-use library called standard template library. STL contains algorithms, structures, and arithmetic operations. C++ remains to be one of the best programming languages to solve problems of audio-visual processing.



Apple invented its business programming language to compete with Microsoft in 2014. The company used this programming language for Linux and Mac applications. It is an open-source language programming that is easy to learn and requires fewer coding skills compared to other programming. Swift is used in popular iOS apps like WordPress, Mozilla Firefox, and SoundCloud.



Currently, PHP is a popular choice for backend language programming. Many web developers find it essential to learn PHP, as it is used to build more than 80% of the websites on the internet, including those like Facebook and Yahoo. Developers and programmers can use this language to write command-line scripts and develop desktop applications.



Java has a wide variety of libraries and frameworks which utilize Java under the hood. Java is used for app development through Spring and Hibernate. JUnit helps us set up unit tests for our Java projects. Most importantly, Java is being used in the development of native Android applications (the Android SDK is itself powered by the Java Development Kit or the JDK). Java is probably the language that most people were introduced to as part of an introductory computer programming course in college or school. Java is the language used for teaching object-oriented programming to the masses.

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