Oklahoma Native Teaches Students How To Win Scholarships After Receiving Over A Million Dollars In Scholarships

An Oklahoma native who received more than one million dollars in college scholarships is back in her hometown teaching high schoolers how to do the same!

The last time News On 6 caught up with Raylynn Thompson was in 2019. She was a Muskogee High School Senior who had received 64 college acceptance letters and more than one million dollars in scholarships.

“You really have to keep applying to as many as you see and never stop because you never know where you are going to land,” said Raylynn Thompson, current student at Alcorn State University in Lorman, Mississippi.


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Companies Donated Millions to Those Who Voted to Overturn Biden’s Win

But many companies have restarted campaign donations, with some saying they are doing so in the spirit of nonpartisanship.

“Our employee PAC program continues to observe longstanding principles of nonpartisan political engagement in support of our business interests,” said Trent Perrotto, a spokesman for the defense contractor Lockheed Martin, which contributed $145,000 to 72 lawmakers who voted against certifying the election.

Sharon J. Castillo, a Pfizer spokeswoman, said in a statement that “following the events of Jan. 6, 2021, the company adhered to its commitment to pause political giving to the 147 members of Congress who voted against certifying the

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Courtney Lesoon and Elizabeth Yarina win Fulbright-Hays Scholarships | MIT News

Two MIT doctoral students in the MIT School of Architecture and Planning have received the prestigious Fulbright-Hays Scholarship for Doctoral Dissertation Research Award. Courtney Lesoon and Elizabeth “Lizzie” Yarina are the first awardees from MIT in more than a decade.

The fellowship provides opportunities for doctoral students to engage in full-time dissertation research abroad. The program, funded by the U.S. Department of Education, is designed to contribute to the development and improvement of the study of modern foreign languages and area studies. Applicants anticipate pursuing a teaching career in the United States following completion of their dissertation. There were 138

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Two Guilford students win full-ride scholarships worth more than $200,000 | Positive Local News

The school district made the announcement Thursday.

ROCKFORD (WREX) — Two Guilford High School students will have the next four years of college fully paid for—including tuition and fees, room and board, books, supplies and travel. 

Anju Griffeth and Caleb Bondzi were named QuestBridge College Match Scholarship Recipients last week. Anju will attend Stanford University, and Caleb will attend Boston College.

They are two of 1,674 scholarship applicants admitted to 45 partner colleges and universities through QuestBridge and granted a full, four-year scholarship worth over $200,000 each.


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Two Guilford seniors win full-ride, $200k college scholarships

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Rockford Public Schools announced Thursday that two Guilford High School Seniors, Anju Griffeth and Caleb Bondzi, have each won a full, four-year scholarship worth over $200,000 a piece.

The scholarships, through QuestBridge College Match Scholarship, include tuition and fees, room and board, books, supplies and travel.

“My mind just went blank,” Caleb said. “Everything kind of stopped for a second, followed by a moment of pure joy.” 

Friends took video of Anju crying right after learning of her confirmation. “I’m going to Stanford, I’m going to Stanford,” she recalled. “And I still don’t think it’s real.” 

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Governor Hochul Announces First Round of Winners for New ‘Vaccinate, Educate, Graduate’ Vaccine Incentive Program for 5- To 11-Year-Olds to win a Full SUNY or CUNY Scholarship

Today, Governor Hochul announced 10 winners of New York’s “Vaccinate, Educate, Graduate” vaccine incentive program. The Governor also personally called several parents to share her congratulations that their child would be able to attend SUNY or CUNY on scholarship.  

“The ‘Vaccinate, Educate, Graduate’ program provides the life-changing opportunity for young New Yorkers to win free tuition to a SUNY or CUNY college or university,” Governor Hochul said. “As we enter the holiday season and the risk of transmission increases, it is absolutely critical that we stay vigilant. The vaccine is the surest way to keep you and your loved

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This week in US politics: Republicans shock Virginia win what Lady Gaga really wore to the inauguration

This week there was a big election in America.

One candidate fixated on Donald Trump the entire campaign. In his final pitch to voters, he said Trump’s name 13 times in a 15-minute speech.

The other candidate barely mentioned the former president during the campaign, and stuck ruthlessly to the issues. In his final pitch to voters, he didn’t say Trump’s name in his 22-minute speech.

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Two Northern Kentucky teens win full-ride scholarships in ‘Shot at a Million’ vaccine lottery

Two Northern Kentucky teenagers — an Owenton boy with football dreams and a Ft. Michell boy hoping for a normal school year with friends — won college scholarships Friday in Kentucky’s second “Shot at a Million” lottery.

The lottery, which is only enterable by Kentuckians vaccinated against COVID-19, awarded five scholarships to teenagers and one $1 million jackpot to Ginger Schultz, a Louisville woman who got the shot for her 85-year-old mother’s sake.

The scholarship winners were:

  • Shelby Anderson of Louisville
  • Isabella Brozak of Crestwood
  • T.J. Ponder of Owenton
  • Reese Johnson of Harrodsburg
  • Julian Sandberg of Ft. Mitchell

“When I

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Office Politics: How True Leaders Win

Bhavani was disgusted. It was our second executive coaching session, and she was telling me about all the political nonsense going on at work.

She decried the rampant gamesmanship she saw on every side – from her boss to her fellow executives to her direct reports. Worse, she told me, the only people who were getting ahead were those who were good at “playing the game.”

In her opinion, the company didn’t reward good work; it revered political whiz kids.

Bhavani’s story wasn’t the first I’d heard about workplace drama. I’m confident it won’t be the last. Wherever

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The Philadelphia InquirerThis West Philly teen overcame obstacles to win a $50K scholarship on live TV. Meet Lyric Wise.We're not in school, and school was my outlet,” Paul Robeson senior Lyric Wise said. “But like I tell people, just keep going.”1 day ago

The Philadelphia InquirerThis West Philly teen overcame obstacles to win a $50K scholarship on live
TV. Meet Lyric Wise.We’re not in school, and school was my outlet,” Paul Robeson senior Lyric
Wise said. “But like I tell people, just keep going.”1 day ago… Read More