Opinion | Is America Willing to Tell the Truth About Its History?

I don’t remember the first time I was taught that the Civil War was not fought because of slavery. I am a white Texan, so this idea was simply in the ether, as were myths about “good slave owners” and the “Lost Cause.” I knew that America had a racist history, but when I was a child, the details of what that meant were blurry and vague.

This experience is common. There is objective truth to our nation’s history, based in research and primary sources. But as Clint Smith describes in his book “How the Word Is Passed,” in America

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Romney says Republicans blocking January 6 commission ‘would be seen as not wanting to let the truth come out’

“I think the perception is on the part of the public that the January 6 Commission just trying to get to the truth of what happened, and that Republicans would be seen as not wanting to let the truth come out,” Romney told CNN on Wednesday. “I don’t believe that’s what’s the motivation but I think that’s the perception.”

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has set up a vote to open debate on the commission bill, which is expected to take place on Thursday, but it lacks the 60 votes to overcome a filibuster.

The overwhelming majority of GOP senators

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