This week in US politics: Republicans shock Virginia win what Lady Gaga really wore to the inauguration

This week there was a big election in America.

One candidate fixated on Donald Trump the entire campaign. In his final pitch to voters, he said Trump’s name 13 times in a 15-minute speech.

The other candidate barely mentioned the former president during the campaign, and stuck ruthlessly to the issues. In his final pitch to voters, he didn’t say Trump’s name in his 22-minute speech.

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The next shock in the pipeline for China’s economy: energy crunch | Business and Economy News

China may be diving head first into a power supply shock that could hit Asia’s largest economy hard just as the Evergrande crisis sends shockwaves through its financial system.

The crackdown on power consumption is being driven by rising demand for electricity and surging coal and gas prices as well as strict targets from Beijing to cut emissions. It’s coming first to the country’s mammoth manufacturing industries: from aluminum smelters to textiles producers and soybean processing plants, factories are being ordered to curb activity or — in some instances — shut altogether.

Almost half of China’s regions missed energy consumption

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