Student raises more than $70K to start women’s scholarship in response to professor’s viral remarks

A student at Boise State University in Idaho has raised more than $70,000 to begin a scholarship program for women in engineering, law and medicine in response to one of the university’s professor’s saying women shouldn’t be recruited in those fields. 

Ally Orr, a senior, created a GoFundMe to fund and establish the Women in STEM, Medicine and Law Scholarship at Boise State University, which will be awarded annually to a woman studying in these fields beginning this fall. 

“I never want a girl to look online and say, ‘Oh look, a professor who teaches in higher education says I

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Student raises over $70K for scholarship for women after professor’s viral comments

Student raises over $70K for scholarship for women after professor’s viral comments | GMA

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Florida bill would allow students to record professors to show political bias | Florida

Republicans in Florida have stepped up their assault on what they call “Marxist professors and students” in the state’s public universities and colleges with a bill that encourages the reporting of lecturers perceived to be stifling “viewpoint diversity” on campus.

The bill, currently awaiting the signature of the Florida governor and Donald Trump ally Ron DeSantis, will allow students to make recordings of lectures without their professors’ consent, and present them as evidence of political bias.

It requires all 40 of Florida’s state-funded institutions of postsecondary education to conduct an annual survey of faculty and students to establish how well

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