French language guardians upset over English on France’s new identity cards

The academy charged with defending the French language is threatening to take the government to court over the use of English on the country’s new identity card.

The latest versions of the laminated cards that were introduced last year have included English translations of the different data fields, with “surname”, “date of birth” and “expiry date” appearing next to their French equivalent in a slightly smaller, italic font.

Every French citizen is required to have a national identity card which they can also use as their main travel document when heading to another European Union country.

The addition of the

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Ndigbo and the politics of identity, by Hassan Gimba –

Even though Anambra has been in the kitty of the All Progressive Grand Alliance for a long time, the recently concluded gubernatorial election in which Professor Charles Soludo bested other candidates to emerge winner is a straightforward case of identity politics.

Identity politics is a political approach in which people of a particular gender, religion, tribe, ethnicity, race, social background, class, etc., develop political agendas based upon these identities. The term can apply to multiculturalism, women’s movements, civil rights, lesbian and gay movements, and regional separatist movements.

While a majority of the Igbo may not be comfortable with a separate

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