CBSE Class 12 board exams 2022: Here’s how to prepare for term-1 language papers

While preparing for class 12 board exams students tend to ignore languages considering them effortless and unchallenging. They only limit their preparation of language to the thorough reading of the summaries of the lessons. The new scheme of MCQs for term 1 seems to be in the favour of all the students since it saves them from committing a lot of grammatical errors in writing which they were often prone to do in a subjective exam. 

The question paper will be proportionately divided to be easily attempted by the students of all types of intelligence and preparation. Some percentage of

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English exam boards may be asked to avoid ‘complex language’ | Exams

Exam boards could be asked to avoid using “complex language” including colloquialisms, sarcasm and idioms in assessments to make them more accessible for pupils.

Ofqual, the exams regulator in England, has published draft guidance aimed at tackling the ways in which some pupils are “unfairly disadvantaged by irrelevant features” in exams, making it harder to determine their knowledge, skills and understanding.

This includes pupils who are deaf, blind, autistic and dyslexic, as well as those who have English as an additional language, and those who are unfamiliar with certain humour and customs, as well as housing, family arrangements and certain

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