History says Biden and Democrats probably won’t recover by the midterms

Take a look at every president’s net approval rating (approval – disapproval) since the end of World War II. Biden’s at about -9 points net approval rating right now. Specifically, we’ll examine all elected presidents at this point into their first term and compare that to where they stood during their first midterm.

It turns out that among elected presidents there’s actually a pretty clear correlation (+0.83 on a scale of -1 to +1) between their net approval rating at this point and a year from now. Most presidents tended to lose ground from this point forward. The average president
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Illinois Democrats set to OK new legislative maps over criticism

CHICAGO — Illinois Democrats on Tuesday are expected to approve new legislative boundaries over objections from Republicans and some community groups that the process was unnecessarily rushed and maps drawn behind closed doors to keep Democrats in power.

Tuesday’s vote is a do-over of maps that majority Democrats approved and Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed earlier this year. Those maps prompted lawsuits from top Illinois Republicans and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, a Latino civil rights organization, who argued they were flawed and unconstitutional because they were based on population estimates from the American Community Survey rather

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Democrats Push a Budget to Fulfill Biden’s Aggressive Economic Ambitions

WASHINGTON — The $3.5 trillion budget blueprint that Democrats unveiled in the Senate this week promises to reshape the government’s role in the economy, in ways President Biden and his party have called essential to rebuilding the American middle class, lifting people out of poverty and tackling the threat of climate change.

Its passage in Congress remains far from assured, with a series of hurdles in the coming months, including filling in key details on taxes and spending and holding together a fragile Democratic coalition. But if the plan’s central components become law, it would be the capstone achievement Democrats

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Biden and Democrats look for a new ‘3rd way’ as political reality sets in

President Biden at the White House on Wednesday. (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

President Biden has long marketed himself as a pragmatic, moderate Democrat. He was first elected to the Senate in 1972, the year his party’s presidential nominee — South Dakota Sen. George McGovern — ran on a left-wing platform and lost 49 states, including Biden’s home state of Delaware, to Richard Nixon. And Biden’s political rise coincided with the ascendency of conservatism as America’s dominant political ideology and the decline of New Deal-style liberalism.

So it was a surprise to many when Biden, who ran and won in 2020 as

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The Guardian view on the Liberal Democrats: seeing and shaping politics | Editorial

It is often hard to try to derive a national message from a single byelection. The effect on party morale usually dwarfs that felt on government policy. The election of Liberal Democrat Sarah Green as the MP for Chesham and Amersham, a commuter-belt seat north-west of London, stuns on both counts. The result will make Conservative MPs in relatively liberal and educated constituencies very jumpy. But it will also slow the progress of Boris Johnson’s planning reforms. Voters in bucolic Buckinghamshire plainly feared that these would make it easier for developers to concrete over the countryside.

What the

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Republicans and Democrats Agree: Big Business Is Too Powerful

But in recent years, that compact has begun to fracture. Democrats, pushed by progressive activists, have shifted further to the left on a wide range of economic policy issues. Under Mr. Trump, Republicans became more hostile to free trade and immigration. After the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol, some prominent companies and business groups announced they would cut off donations to Republicans who had joined an effort to challenge in Congress the results of Mr. Trump’s November loss to Mr. Biden, prompting some Republican lawmakers to swear off corporate donations.

Many top executives feel they have little choice. They

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