English exam boards may be asked to avoid ‘complex language’ | Exams

Exam boards could be asked to avoid using “complex language” including colloquialisms, sarcasm and idioms in assessments to make them more accessible for pupils.

Ofqual, the exams regulator in England, has published draft guidance aimed at tackling the ways in which some pupils are “unfairly disadvantaged by irrelevant features” in exams, making it harder to determine their knowledge, skills and understanding.

This includes pupils who are deaf, blind, autistic and dyslexic, as well as those who have English as an additional language, and those who are unfamiliar with certain humour and customs, as well as housing, family arrangements and certain

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The popular design style has a complex racial history.

Midcentury modern style dominates the market for medium-expensive furniture, as anyone who’s recently tried to buy a couch from the glut of Instagram-friendly direct-to-consumer furniture retailers can testify. (We went with the Article Sven, which is on its way; if it’s bad, don’t tell me.) Mad Men (2007–15) amplified a growing 21st century affection for the style, but when that show came out Dwell magazine (2000–present) had already taught me to salivate over expensively restored ranch homes with huge glass windows, and Ikea (which came to the U.S. in 1985) had brought midcentury-ish knockoffs well within the purchasing

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