The surprising ancient history of the hedge apple

When the fruits of the Osage orange tree fall to the ground in autumn, they demand notice. For one thing, they’re the size of softballs—the largest fruit of any tree native to North America. For another, they’re bright green.

On top of that they have a strange story that few people know.

Osage orange trees are not related to oranges; they’re more closely related to mulberries. Even more confusingly, the most common name for their fruit is hedge apple (though they’re also called horse apples, Irish snowballs, or monkey brains).

Not many animals or humans eat these neither-oranges-nor-apples. Though a

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Frisco teen selected for Apple scholarship after creating skin cancer app

A Frisco teenager was accepted into Apple’s scholarship program after creating an app that warns about the dangers of skin cancer.

Mason Dierkes’ app is called Skin Cancers. It shows how skin cancer spreads on people’s skin over time.

The 16-year-old said he was inspired by his grandfather who died after being diagnosed with melanoma.

While the

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