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Special Scholarships

Devi Bhargava Scholarship – International Student

One $500 scholarship will be awarded each academic year to an eligible student visa holding international student at Madison College. This student must not only meet all eligibility criteria but must also embody the humanitarian and international characteristics that were an integral part of Devi Bhargava’s life and work.

International Student Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship is offered to F-1 visa holders once per year with an application deadline of March 31 for a Spring semester award.

The International Student Foundation Scholarship has been made possible by the Madison College Foundation, which has dedicated $1,500 in scholarship funds for F-1 visa-holding international students at Madison College. The scholarship is designed to assist students who have demonstrated good academic performance and clear career aspirations but are experiencing financial difficulties. It is anticipated that the available funding will be divided among the top three to four applicants, with the highest award not to exceed $600.

Scholars of Promise

The Scholars of Promise program provides low-income, graduating high school students from the Madison College District an opportunity to access a college education without worrying about how to pay for it.

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