Top programming language for data science: Python still rules, followed by SQL

Data science and machine learning professionals have driven adoption of the Python programming language, but data science and machine learning are still lacking key tools in business and has room to grow before becoming essential for decision-making, according to Anaconda, the maker of a data science distribution of Python. 

Python could soon be the most popular programming language, battling it out for top spot with JavaScript, Java and C, depending on which language ranking you look at. But while Python adoption is booming, the fields that are driving it — data science and machine learning — are still in

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ANC factions stir ‘dangerous politics’ in South Africa’s towns

Thapelo Mohapi looks at the mangled and scorched scraps of what were once shacks and reflects quietly that, at 38, twice now have the flames of political violence in South Africa left him without a home.

The first time, as a boy in the 1980s, Mohapi was given shelter by Indian neighbours in the Durban settlement of Phoenix when the brutal last days of apartheid engulfed the nearby black township where he lived. It was part of solidarity that would in time give rise to a multiracial democracy. “The Indian community never said at any stage that you are not

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Bill’s Seafood Presents 2021 Scholarship Awards

07/30/2021 04:21 p.m. EST • Last Updated 08/02/2021 10:08 a.m.


Seven local athletes recently received the 2021 Bill’s Seafood Scholarship. Pictured are Hannah Jenkins (Valley Regional), Ryan Inglis (Clinton), Caitlyn Donadio (Clinton), Zachary Zanzalari (Westbrook), Emma Parkhurst (Westbrook), Jacob Schneider (Old Saybrook), and Emily Stratton (Old Saybrook). (Photo courtesy of Devlin Photography)

Bill’s Seafood Restaurant in Westbrook has handed out its annual scholarships for 2021. The Bill’s Seafood scholarship committee recently presented scholarships to seven high school athletes from the local area.

The recipients of the 2021 Bill’s Seafood

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Property Tax for Parks and Libraries?

This week, a poll went out asking San Diego residents if they would support a tax for libraries and parks.

Specifically, it said:

Would you vote for or against this measure?

To fund library and park services  – including after-school programs, computer access for low-income families, job training and social service assistance for homeless residents, preserving open space for public use and restoring Balboa Park, shall the City of San Diego establish and annual parcel tax of two cents per square foot up to a maximum of one acre, subject to a 2% annual adjustment, raising approximately $40 million annually

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Two Northern Kentucky teens win full-ride scholarships in ‘Shot at a Million’ vaccine lottery

Two Northern Kentucky teenagers — an Owenton boy with football dreams and a Ft. Michell boy hoping for a normal school year with friends — won college scholarships Friday in Kentucky’s second “Shot at a Million” lottery.

The lottery, which is only enterable by Kentuckians vaccinated against COVID-19, awarded five scholarships to teenagers and one $1 million jackpot to Ginger Schultz, a Louisville woman who got the shot for her 85-year-old mother’s sake.

The scholarship winners were:

  • Shelby Anderson of Louisville
  • Isabella Brozak of Crestwood
  • T.J. Ponder of Owenton
  • Reese Johnson of Harrodsburg
  • Julian Sandberg of Ft. Mitchell

“When I

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Cary rising senior earns perfect score on ACT, national scholarship

CARY, N.C. (WNCN) – Less than 1 percent of all students who take the ACT earn a perfect score – but a rising Cary senior can check the feat off his list.

Rishik Pavani, who will be a senior this fall at Panther Creek High School, earned the top score, 36, on his recent attempt at the curriculum-based achievement exam.

In order to earn a perfect ACT score, a student’s average score in all categories on the exam (excluding the writing portion) must score a composite score of 36. Meaning, Pavani must hit the mark in the English, mathematics, reading

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Biden misunderstands basic economics | TheHill

According to the law of supply and demand, when the government prints or borrows trillions of dollars, the value of the dollar declines, and prices rise. That is called inflation.

According to President Biden, when the government prints or borrows trillions of dollars, the value of the dollar doesn’t decline, and prices decrease. That is called, to borrow a Biden-ism, malarkey.

Per the president, “My Build Back Better plan will be a force for achieving lower prices for Americans looking ahead. It’s another reason why these investments are so important.”

So, showering the economy with $6 trillion in

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Murdered women: A history of ‘honour’ crimes | Crime

Listen to this story:

On a hot summer day in late May 1994, I drove to an eastern suburb of Jordan’s capital, Amman, to investigate the reported murder of a 16-year-old schoolgirl by her own brother.

With limited information, questions roiled my mind as I drove up the hill towards the neighbourhood. Why had this girl’s life been cut short by her brother? What had her final thoughts been?

My questions would soon be partially answered by a man who was walking through the neighbourhood when I arrived. “Yes, I know why she was killed,” he answered calmly as if

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