Libby Pugh, Andrea Moorer Named EREC Scholarship Winners :

Saturday, Escambia River Electric Cooperative awarded two $4,000 scholarships to local high school seniors.

The Escambia County winner was Libby Pugh from Northview High School (pictured left), and the Santa Rosa County winner was Andrea Moorer from Central High School. The Herman D. Johnson Scholarship Award is offered to graduating seniors with a parent or guardian that is a member of the cooperative..

In the past, capital credits issued by EREC that were unclaimed had to be turned over to the state. But state legislation now allows such funds to be deposited into a qualified, educational charity fund. The EREC

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Defense, Depth & Drake Stoops on Scholarship

NORMAN – Due to the COVID-19 outbreak last March, Saturday marked the first spring game for Oklahoma football since April 2019.

On a clear, picture-perfect afternoon, the offense (White) outlasted the defense (Red) for a 30-29 victory in 68-degree weather at Gaylord Family – Oklahoma Memorial Stadium.

“A really, really fun day,” Sooners head coach Lincoln Riley said of the 30-minute scrimmage (two 15-minute halves). “Don’t ever take it for granted, certainly after this game was taken away from us last year.”

The defense started the scrimmage with 21 points and earned an additional three points for turnovers, fourth-down stops

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Illini scholarship count as of April 23, 2021

A lot has happened this offseason for the Illinois basketball program as far as additions and departures are concerned.

Some of the best players to come through Illinois have left the program. Ayo Dosunmu and, likely, Kofi Cockburn will be missed dearly. It will be hard to ever find a one-two punch like those two ever again.

Overall, though, the Illinois roster has endured a massive shake-up, with only 50.3% of the scholarship minutes from last season returning. That is a big change from the No. 1 seed NCAA tournament team we saw less than two months ago.

With big

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Howard Students Protest Cut of Classics Department, Hub for Black Scholarship

As an alumna of Howard University, Anika Prather remembers feeling that the classics were everywhere during her years as a student. No matter your major or field of study, she recalled, it was practically a given that classics would be woven into your educational experience.

“My brother was a pre-med student — we both went to Howard — and I remember sitting there seeing him read all types of classics, like we all had to, classics or some work of the canon, but then you’re reading it from a Black perspective,” Dr. Prather said. “It’s really incredible.”

At Howard, the

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Florida bill would allow students to record professors to show political bias | Florida

Republicans in Florida have stepped up their assault on what they call “Marxist professors and students” in the state’s public universities and colleges with a bill that encourages the reporting of lecturers perceived to be stifling “viewpoint diversity” on campus.

The bill, currently awaiting the signature of the Florida governor and Donald Trump ally Ron DeSantis, will allow students to make recordings of lectures without their professors’ consent, and present them as evidence of political bias.

It requires all 40 of Florida’s state-funded institutions of postsecondary education to conduct an annual survey of faculty and students to establish how well

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The Takeaway from the Most Political Oscars Ever? Political Movies are Hard.

Which isn’t to say that they’re all great. Or even, in some cases, good.

This group might not suffer from the stodgy grandeur that “political” Oscar-bait movies often cloak themselves in (hello, “The Ides of March”), but they have plenty of their own flaws on display. Even the best of them illuminate how difficult it is to simultaneously pull off both trenchant social critique and emotionally satisfying storytelling.

Historical dramas like “Judas and the Black Messiah” and “The Trial of the Chicago 7” stumble over genre tropes that blunt their impact. “Nomadland,” adapted from

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Young adults’ relocations are reshaping political geography

Garima Vyas always wanted to live in a big city. She thought about New York, long the destination for 20-something strivers, but was wary of the cost and complicated subway lines.

So Vyas picked another metropolis that’s increasingly become young people’s next-best option — Houston.

Now 34, Vyas, a tech worker, has lived in Houston since 2013. “I knew I didn’t like New York, so this was the next best thing,” Vyas said. “There are a lot of things you want to try when you are younger — you want to try new things. Houston gives you that, whether it’s

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The Forgotten Precedent for Our ‘Unprecedented’ Political Insanity

European visitors were stunned. Many wrote home about the wild spectacle of an American election, watching “people living as far asunder as the population of Paris is from that of St. Petersburg” simultaneously break out in political debate. To Europeans, it looked like a festival of diversity, anchored by working-class young white marchers and filled out by clubs of African Americans, Cubans or Italians, all joining “the motley crowd — American, Irish, Mexican, and Chinese,” as one stunned London correspondent reported out of San Francisco. Other travelers marveled at America’s women, denied the right to vote but still fiercely opinionated.

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Trump supporters could be incited to future violence by his continued promotion of 2020 election lies, DOJ and judges say

Two federal judges this week brought up the disinformation about 2020 from right-wing figures, and even Trump himself, as they considered keeping alleged Capitol rioters in jail before trial.

And prosecutors from the Justice Department are arguing more explicitly that violent threats stemming from Trump-backed conspiracy theories are still alive, and that Trump supporters could be called to act again.

“It’s never too late” for pro-Trump extremist groups like the Proud Boys to mobilize, because the right-wing political climate hasn’t shifted much since Trump left office, federal prosecutor Jason McCullough argued at a hearing for one of the accused Proud
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Secrets of the Whales explores language, social structure of giants of the deep

National Geographic photographer Brian Skerry spent three years documenting the cultural lives of whales. His journey is the subject of a new four-part documentary series on Disney+, Secrets of the Whales.

Intrepid film crews tracked various species of whales all over the world, capturing their unique hunting strategies, communication skills, and social structures for Secrets of the Whales, a new four-part documentary series from National Geographic, now streaming on Disney+.

The project started with National Geographic Explorer and photographer Brian Skerry, who spent three years traveling around the globe documenting the culture of five different species of

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