Opinion | Quiz: If America Had Six Parties, Which Would You Belong To?

Illustration by Claire Merchlinsky

This essay is part of a series exploring bold ideas to revitalize and renew the American experiment. Read more about this project in a note from Ezekiel Kweku, Opinion’s politics editor.

America’s two-party system is broken. Democrats and Republicans are locked in an increasingly destructive partisan struggle that has produced gridlock and stagnation on too many critical issues — most urgently, the pandemic and climate change.

There is no reasonable or timely way to fix this broken system. But there is an alternative: more parties.

It is not so hard to imagine a six-party system —

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9/11 scholarship fund to raise another $25m as number of victims’ children grows

A scholarship fund created in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks to benefit children of victims has set a new fundraising target of $25million as the number of students needing support continues to grow.

The Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund is the largest fund for children whose parents were killed or left permanently disabled in the attacks, reports the New York Times.

The fund, founded by former president Bill Clinton and former senator Bob Dole, raised more than $100 million in its first year alone to help support students through postsecondary education.

To date the fund has raised

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Europe’s central bank easing COVID-level economic support

The European Central Bank will dial back some of its massive emergency pandemic support for the economy amid signs of increasing business activity and consumer readiness to spend as the 19 countries that use the euro rebound from the coronavirus recession.

Bank head Christine Lagarde was careful to say the shift was only a “recalibration” of existing stimulus — not a signal that pandemic support is being phased out.

The bank’s 25-member governing council decided Thursday that it would conduct its bond purchase stimulus at “a moderately lower pace” than in recent months. Since March the statement has said that

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History and Science Both Support Mississippi’s Abortion Law

Mississippi’s limit on abortion after 15 weeks—which the Supreme Court is gearing up to consider this fall—is supported by historical legal principles as well as the latest science.

The state’s obligation to protect life is rooted in centuries of common law and legal history. The United States ratified the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, which states that no person shall be deprived of “life, liberty or property, without due process of law,” in 1868. Long before that, our Founders outlined the obligation to protect life in the Declaration of Independence, and they in turn relied on the common law tradition,

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Fortnite’s MLK event was a lesson in what not to do

A cartoonish Rick Sanchez, a character from Cartoon Network’s Rick and Morty, stands outside a virtual recreation of The National Mall. In the background, a recording of Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic “I Have a Dream” speech plays. As it screens, other characters run around frantically and do dances like the floss or the robot.

This discrepancy wasn’t hard to miss at the March Through Time event which launched inside Fortnite on Aug. 26. Event producers told Time magazine (which partnered with Fortnite creators Epic Games to put on the event) they hoped it would, “teach kids about a vital

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Inclusive language a controversial issue among linguists

During a recent university class held over Zoom, a young Mexican non-binary person took umbrage when one of her fellow students referred to her as compañera, the feminine word for classmate or colleague.

“I’m not your compañera, I’m your compañere,” sobbed 19-year-old Andra Escamilla, using a gender-neutral term, before leaving the virtual class despite her classmate’s prompt apology.

A video of the exchange turned up on social media and quickly went viral, prompting a renewed debate in Mexico about inclusive language.

(Latinx is one gender-neutral term that is now frequently used in English in place of Latino

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Tito Ortiz confirms political career is ‘100 percent over’

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Tito Ortiz’s run in politics has hit the last stop.

The former UFC light heavyweight champion and mayor pro tem of Huntington Beach has confirmed he’s done with politics and back to what he knows best – fighting.

Ortiz returns to action this Saturday at Triller Fight Club Legends II, as he’s set to take on fellow ex-UFC titleholder Anderson Silva in a 195-pound bout in the co-main event of the card. This marks Ortiz’s first fight back since getting elected and then resigning from his position as mayor pro tem.

“One-hundred percent my political

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WTOVWheeling Park High School freshman wins 4-year scholarship through Babydog SweepstakesA Wheeling Park High School freshman won't have to worry about student loans down the road. On Monday morning, Rocco DiGiandomenico won a …3 days ago

WTOVWheeling Park High School freshman wins 4-year scholarship through Babydog
SweepstakesA Wheeling Park High School freshman won’t have to worry about student
loans down the road. On Monday morning, Rocco DiGiandomenico won a …3 days ago… Read More