Lip Sync Battle to raise scholarship funds for women

The Women’s Division of the Leavenworth-Lansing Area Chamber of Commerce will host a Lip Sync Battle on Oct. 23. In this Q&A, Mary Mack talks about the fundraising event.

What is the Lip Sync Battle?

This is a fundraiser for our Women’s Division Scholarship Fund. We provide scholarship funding for several women, both traditional and non-tradition, to help further their education. We reach out to the Leavenworth/Lansing area private and public sector business community to participate in the event in which they come out and showcase their lip syncing talents. This is our fifth year doing this event and each year it has been a huge success. It is such a joy to have our communities come together to support our effort and have a great time in the process. We’ve had performances from the mayor of both Leavenworth and Lansing, police and fire chiefs, politicians, school administrators as well as our small businesses.