Galls, One Lexington create scholarship for minority students at Bryan Station High School

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Galls and One Lexington created a scholarship called Be the Change. It’s for minority students in Bryan Station High School wanting to pursue a career within the criminal justice system.

Eliza Tolley-Higgins is finishing up her last five months of high school at Bryan Station. She’s been meeting with her school’s college and career coach, Brandy Ashford, to plan out her next move before graduation.

She’s leaning toward being a criminal defense attorney.

“Can’t nobody out-argue me. In a debate I’m going to win. I’m going to come over top,” Tolley-Higgins said.

She said she sees herself having her own law firm. She qualifies for the Be the Change scholarship, which is $20,000.

One Lexington Director Devine Carama hopes this scholarship will promote more minority representation within the criminal justice system.

“This is equity and this is providing an opportunity for these kids to be a part of the long term solutions in their community,” Carama said.

The 18-year-old says being represented by someone who relates to you is important.

“Sometimes in certain situations you need your people to have your back, That’s how I feel on it,” Tolley-Higgins said.

Fayette Commonwealth’s Attorney Lou Anna Red Corn said full-time prosecutors make up 21% of her office.

“This scholarship is a great opportunity both for an individual student and hopefully a prosecutor’s office someday,” Red Corn said.

Minorities make up 22% of Fayette County.

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