What’s the easiest language to learn? Full linguistics guide

Why do children find it easier to learn languages?

While some theorise language is innate to humans, children are actually exposed to huge amounts of it – around 10,000 hours in their first four years, according to one estimate. As children are rarely experts in a language by then, this suggests they have a tougher time learning language than most people think.

True, it has been shown that very young children are able to perceive and distinguish between the roughly 800 sounds that make up all human languages. But, for monolingual infants, the ability to hear subtle differences is lost

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‘Normalization of hate:’ White nationalist language of America First Caucus sets off new alarms on racism

WASHINGTON – Calling for respect of the county’s “uniquely Anglo-Saxon traditions.” Saying the nation’s infrastructure should express the “progeny of European architecture.” Decrying the influence of domestic and international “globalist” forces.

The language used in the would-be Republican congressional America First Caucus’s platform has alarmed many lawmakers and civil rights advocates who say its white nationalist message shows the growing clout of extremism in the right wing of the Republican Party.

Reports of the new faction in Congress first broke last Friday, when Punchbowl News shared a seven-page document outlining the group’s call to continue former President Donald Trump’s agenda.

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The misguided quest to interpret canine “language”

THE BROWS seem to furrow. The face turns to the ground. Nearby, your shoes lie in tatters. You know—simply know—that your dog is ashamed of having destroyed your only decent pair, and is meekly trying to tell you so.

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Dogs’ faces seem to beg to be interpreted. And lots of humans cannot resist interpreting them in the terms delimited by human languages. A puppy licking your cheek enthusiastically is bestowing a “kiss”. A dog

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GVK Director Jokes Kong Can Flip the Bird Since He Knows Sign Language

In a conversation with fans, Godzilla vs. Kong director Adam Wingard, jokingly confirms that King Kong is canonically capable of flipping the bird.

Godzilla vs. Kong director Adam Wingard entertained the possibility that Kong could very well know how to flip the bird given his knowledge of sign language in the film. The latest MonsterVerse film pits the two poster children of the franchise against one another. Not since 1962’s King Kong vs. Godzilla has their clash been the main event, and fans were eager to see who would win. So eager, in fact, that the film has already outstripped

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Proposed Social Justice Resources to support WCSD English Language Arts

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -Textbooks for kindergarten through fifth grade may soon have updated content.

Washoe County School District plans to provide teachers and students with a lens into past and current events to help create a deeper understanding of society. Dr. Kristen Mcneill, Washoe County School District superintendent, said this would expand student’s cultural knowledge. It uses personal experiences and history to analyze text.

“It is really based around concerns, what is happening in our communities, and how can I be a better community member,” said Mcneill.

The district would have to introduce materials in an age-appropriate way. Educators would

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Secrets of the Whales explores language, social structure of giants of the deep

National Geographic photographer Brian Skerry spent three years documenting the cultural lives of whales. His journey is the subject of a new four-part documentary series on Disney+, Secrets of the Whales.

Intrepid film crews tracked various species of whales all over the world, capturing their unique hunting strategies, communication skills, and social structures for Secrets of the Whales, a new four-part documentary series from National Geographic, now streaming on Disney+.

The project started with National Geographic Explorer and photographer Brian Skerry, who spent three years traveling around the globe documenting the culture of five different species of

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Scholar will learn Indigenous language with grant

Alejandra Dubcovsky, an associate professor of history at UC Riverside, has received a $231,000 award from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to support a fellowship during which she will work to become one of the few historians working with the Indigenous language Timucua.

The fellowship, called a New Directions Fellowship, will allow Dubcovsky to study over 27 months Timucua, an Indigenous language spoken in what is now northern Florida and southern Georgia.

A title page from the New-York Historical Society Library digitization of Timucua language imprints from 1612-1635.

“Timucua once had over 100,000 speakers, but it has been over 200

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Learn a New Language with Babbel, for 60% Off | The Weather Channel – Articles from The Weather Channel

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In 1st, White House to provide American Sign Language interpretation for Biden address to Congress

In a first, the White House plans to provide American Sign Language interpretation for President Joe Biden’s address to Congress next week.

The Biden White House has been providing simultaneous ASL interpretation for its daily news conferences, briefings by its COVID-19 team and remarks by the president and vice president, a practice that began, in part, last year following a lawsuit.

But next week’s address will be the first in which any White House has provided the service for a presidential address to Congress, via a live stream on its website and social media channels.

Biden on Wednesday plans to

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Origins of the naughtiest swear words in the English language

In most people, language is generated on the left side of the brain — the half associated with logic, motor functions and math. 

But when we let loose with a particularly satisfying swear word, the right side of our gray matter — associated with emotion and cathartic expression — lights up on imaging scans, reveals Columbia linguistics professor John McWhorter. 

“Curse words are not words, in a sense,” McWhorter told The Post. “They’re eruptions.” 

McWhorter loves swear words so much he’s written a book about their origins, “Nine Nasty Words: English in the Gutter: Then, Now, and Forever

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