Inclusive language a controversial issue among linguists

During a recent university class held over Zoom, a young Mexican non-binary person took umbrage when one of her fellow students referred to her as compañera, the feminine word for classmate or colleague.

“I’m not your compañera, I’m your compañere,” sobbed 19-year-old Andra Escamilla, using a gender-neutral term, before leaving the virtual class despite her classmate’s prompt apology.

A video of the exchange turned up on social media and quickly went viral, prompting a renewed debate in Mexico about inclusive language.

(Latinx is one gender-neutral term that is now frequently used in English in place of Latino

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AP EXPLAINER: The language, reach of new Texas abortion law

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — The nation’s highest court has allowed a Texas law banning most abortions to remain in effect, marking a turning point for abortion opponents who have been fighting to implement stronger restrictions for nearly a decade.

The Texas law, pegged a “fetal heartbeat bill,” bans abortions at the point of the “first detectable heartbeat,” which could happen around six weeks into pregnancy, although that timeframe isn’t specified in the measure. Medical experts say the heart doesn’t begin to form until the fetus it is at least nine weeks old, and they decry efforts to promote abortion bans

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Language police doing major harm to their own goal of social justice

“Times have changed.”

The person telling me this over Zoom was, like me, a middle-aged white doctor and privileged. But despite our shared experiences, this physician, chairman of a hospital department to which I’d just delivered a Grand Rounds lecture, was taking on the role of unsolicited mentor, giving me feedback that might be “helpful” after the talk.

His problem with my lecture? “The part when you talked about race.” 

The majority of Grand Rounds talks in medical centers involve the latest scientific breakthroughs or insights about diseases. In contrast, lectures I’ve given since my book “Exhale” was published

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The Beautiful Language of Braids

Black Beauty Matters: Celebrating Black excellence and influence in beauty.

The Black hair salon is a sanctified space, with each chair getting its believer closer to goddess-level status, from the wash bowl to the hair dryer to the styling chair. These shops are portals to transformation — equal parts magic and the sweat and toil of the artisans who lather, roll, bump, press, and braid day in, day out, with unparalleled results.

These parlors of beauty and style are also spaces of choice, converting even the most ambivalent and unsure into full-blown sirens simply with a decision pulled from the

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Yiddish words still common in the German language | Culture | Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW

“It’s a compliment to a language when you borrow a word because you find it particularly fitting or charming,” said Ronen Steinke. In 2020, the German book author, journalist and lawyer wrote a book about Yiddish terms that have long had a firm place in the German language.

There are plenty of common colloquial expressions that Germans use without realizing they have Yiddish roots, including “Ganove” (hoodlum), “Knast” (prison), “Tacheles reden” (to speak frankly), “Abzocke” (hustle) and “Zoff” (trouble)

Ronen Steinke has looked into Yiddish words used in the German language

Steinke prefers in many cases the sound of Yiddish

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Spanish-language Covid disinformation is aimed at Latinos as delta surges

MIAMI — On a recent show on Actualidad, a Miami AM radio station, the host was promoting a false cure for Covid-19: the use of ivermectin, a drug used to deworm animals. The Food and Drug Administration has been warning against its use and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has cautioned that poison centers are reporting an increase in severe illnesses caused by people taking the drug.

The host said Aug. 23 that he could cite clinical trials from Latin America, “where doctors are using ivermectin with extraordinary results” and “people recover in three or four days.” He

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At 107, maximum languages spoken in Bengaluru | Bengaluru News

BENGALURU: Bengaluru is the district where the most number of languages are spoken in the country, says a recent analysis of the 2011 Census by a Delhi-based academician. No less than 107 languages are spoken in Bengaluru, including 22 scheduled and 84 non-scheduled languages.
The other districts where more than 100 languages are spoken are Dimapur of Nagaland (103) and Sonitpur of Assam (101), says the analysis by Shamika Ravi, a non-resident senior fellow of Brookings Institution, and Mudit Kapoor, associate professor of economics at Indian Statistical Institute.
44% of city’s people speak Kannada
The list of districts
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Forgetting My First Language | The New Yorker

No one prepared me for the heartbreak of losing my first language. It doesn’t feel like the sudden, sharp pain of losing someone you love, but rather a dull ache that builds slowly until it becomes a part of you. My first language, Cantonese, is the only one I share with my parents, and, as it slips from my memory, I also lose my ability to communicate with them. When I tell people this, their eyes tend to grow wide with disbelief, as if it’s so absurd that I must be joking. “They can’t speak English?” they ask. “So how

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Alabama lawmakers begin process of purging racist language from state constitution

Alabama lawmakers have begun the process of purging racist language from the state’s constitution.

The legislature’s Committee on the Recompilation of the Constitution met Thursday to make changes to the constitution, with a focus on three sections with racist language or intent, according to

The state legislature voted in May to establish the 10-member commission, which includes six lawmakers and four others.

The panel will advise the state’s Legislative Services Agency in dating a revised constitution that would then be voted on by lawmakers, according to the website.

Alabama voters in November approved Amendment 4, which allowed the

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State bill clarifies language in Texas Farm Animal Liability Act

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) – A state bill is expected to clarify details in the Texas Farm Animal Liability Act, including liability protections for working ranches and their employees.

The clarifications in HB365 are coming after the Texas Supreme Court said the act is not clear enough. Josh Winegarner with the Texas Cattle Feeders Association said the law has changed over the last decade to specifically include working ranches.

“When it was originally passed, it was really just for event spaces. It was amended in 2011 to include all of livestock, but a court case indicated that it wasn’t specific enough

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