Month: December 2021

Economy Week Ahead: Home Prices, Unemployment Claims


The S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller National Home Price Index, which measures average home prices in major metropolitan areas across the nation, is expected to decelerate for the year ended in October, but still remain historically elevated. Economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal estimate that the 20-city Case-Shiller index rose by 18.6% in the year ended in October, down from the 19.1% annual rate the month prior.

A limited supply of homes coupled with robust home-buying demand has contributed to some buyers being pushed out of the market—a trend that has persisted throughout the year in hot real-estate markets

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We Can Only Go Beyond Communism by Coming to Terms With Its History

The legacy of the October Revolution is torn between two antipodal interpretations. The rise to power of the Bolsheviks appeared, on the one hand, as the announcement of a global socialist transformation; on the other hand, as the event that set the stage for an epoch of totalitarianism. The most radical versions of these opposed interpretations — official communism and Cold War anti-communism — also converge insofar as, for both of them, the Communist Party was a kind of demiurgic historical force.

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The best programming languages to learn in 2022

Based on job demand, Python is the top language, followed by Java, JavaScript, C++, C# and C, says CodingNomads.

Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto

One of the challenges for people pursuing a career in programming is deciding which languages to learn. With so many languages used for different purposes, choosing the ones you want to study will depend on the specialty that most interests you as well as on job demand. A report released on Tuesday by programming course site CodingNomads looks at the “best” programming languages for 2022.

SEE: Top 5 programming languages for systems admins to learn (free PDF) (TechRepublic)

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‘On the brink’: drought and politics leave Afghans fighting famine | Afghanistan

In his seven decades, Mehrajuddin has been a police commander, a fighter for the mujahideen, a district governor and a prosecutor, and even briefly worked in Europe. Until this year, he has never struggled to feed his family.

Now they have just one meal a day, hard discs of stale bread soaked in water until they soften to mush. “All the family are starving,” he says bluntly as he waits at a food distribution centre in Kabul for a handout of lentils, rice, flour and oil. “I even worry about dying, because if it happens tomorrow, how will my

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KCBY'There's no replacing Makaia': Scholarship to honor Myrtle Point teen killed in crashOne special female athlete will be the recipient of the Makaia Gilkey Memorial Scholarship. “The winner of this scholarship will represent….6 hours ago

KCBY’There’s no replacing Makaia’: Scholarship to honor Myrtle Point teen
killed in crashOne special female athlete will be the recipient of the Makaia Gilkey
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Oak Ridge Playhouse recognizes scholarship winners

The Oak Ridge Playhouse has announced the winners of two Junior Playhouse scholarships.

The $1,000 college scholarships are awarded to a graduating high school senior who has demonstrated dedication to the success of Oak Ridge Playhouse and excellence both on stage and backstage for theatrical productions.

The 2020 scholarship winner was Leigha Mozingo, the daughter of Pamela Mozingo. She is a graduate of Anderson County High School. Leigha is currently attending Carson Newman University, but will be transferring to Tennessee Technological University for her junior and senior years to major in early childhood education.

The 2021 scholarship was awarded to

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Utah economy boomed in ‘21 but inflation, other concerns dim the glow

The year’s biggest Utah economic stories were dominated by the state’s nation-leading recovery from the worst impacts of COVID-19 but issues emerging toward the end of 2021 could cast shadows into the year ahead.

Utah was at or near the top of best performing states when it comes to unemployment, job creation and economic growth throughout 2021 but as the year nears its end, leaders are keeping a close eye on a changing landscape.

Utah’s chief executive is decidedly bullish when talking about the state’s 2021 economic achievements but within that glowing review lurks a darker concern — how rising

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Lauded Mexican writer’s novels explore her Sephardic history and crypto-Judaism

MEXICO CITY (JTA) — When Angelina Muñiz-Huberman was six years old, her mother shut the main door of their apartment in Mexico City and, whispering as if under persecution, told her that she was descended from Jews.

“She told me that if I ever needed to get recognized by other fellow Jews,” Muñiz-Huberman said, “I should make the sign of the kohanim” — a hand gesture representing an ancient priestly blessing, made famous in a different context by a certain “Star Trek” character.

That moment sparked a keen interest in her family’s Jewish heritage, which would set her on

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Commentary: Is it okay to speak a non-English language at work?

SINGAPORE: The online retailer, Shopee came under fire recently when allegations about discrimination and toxic work culture surfaced on social media. One of the complaints was that Chinese was spoken during meetings or used in internal documents, according to a Glassdoor review.

Since 1966, Singapore’s bilingual policy requires all students in the national schools to learn English as the first language in addition to an official mother tongue as the second language.  

The bilingual policy has successfully transformed Singapore into an economic powerhouse and that has shaped how dominant the language has become, even at home. Census information shows English

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Facebook’s Pushback: Stem the Leaks, Spin the Politics, Don’t Say Sorry

The day after former Facebook employee and whistleblower

Frances Haugen

went public in October, the company’s team in Washington started working the phones.

To lawmakers and advocacy groups on the right, according to people familiar with the conversations, their message was that Ms. Haugen was trying to help Democrats. Within hours, several conservative news outlets published stories alleging Ms. Haugen was a Democratic activist.

Later, Facebook lobbyists warned Democratic staffers that Republicans were focused on the company’s decision to ban expressions of support for

Kyle Rittenhouse,

the teenager who killed two people during unrest in Kenosha, Wis., and who was

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