Month: June 2021

Office Politics: How True Leaders Win

Bhavani was disgusted. It was our second executive coaching session, and she was telling me about all the political nonsense going on at work.

She decried the rampant gamesmanship she saw on every side – from her boss to her fellow executives to her direct reports. Worse, she told me, the only people who were getting ahead were those who were good at “playing the game.”

In her opinion, the company didn’t reward good work; it revered political whiz kids.

Bhavani’s story wasn’t the first I’d heard about workplace drama. I’m confident it won’t be the last. Wherever

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2021 Silver Lake Scholarship recipients

Brittany Allsopp Memorial: James Kuketz

Alumni Hockey Association of Silver Lake: Caden Delnickas, Nathan LaPlante Johnson, Jack Olivier

Anonymous Charitable Donor: Lilly Noonan

Area 58 Community Access Media: Amelia Lally, Clara Lowe

Dick Arieta Memorial: Samantha Kelley

Mrs. Baker-Rakauskas Memorial: Ava Mirisola, Eleanor Meehan, Lilly Noonan, Paige Scully, Shealeigh Sullivan

Roberta A. Banzi Memorial: Georgia Bonney

Ralph Binns Memorial: Neve Corkery

George Henry Boerger Memorial: Giovanni Henrickson

Kenneth Brown Memorial: Clara Lowe

Joseph Chaves Memorial: Lilly Noonan

Children’s Music Fund – Richard T. Keating Memorial: Emily Bemis, Anna Teunis

Jesse Cooper Give Back to Society Memorial     : Sydney Adams, Jennifer

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8th District MN State Horticultural Society announces eight 2021 scholarship winners | News

The 8th District MSHS awarded eight scholarships in 2021. The recipients were students from counties in NE Minnesota who had an interest in gardening. Funds for the scholarships were received from various sources – garden clubs and groups, gardeners, memorials.  

The top scholarship, the $600 Sharon Wildung Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Andrea Hille of Carlton, MN. Andrea, a student at the University of MN, Duluth, is studying Biology towards a career in scientific research. Her horticultural experiences involved working at a berry farm and a greenhouse in the Carlton area as well as family gardening. Her parents are Todd

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Togo and efforts to rebound its economy [Business Africa]

On this episode of Business Africa,

– We take a look at the Togolese economy. The west African nation has began processing cassava into starch.

The Nouvelle Société de Commercialisation des Produits Agricoles NSCPA in Togo has opened its factory in Kamina, 164 km from Lomé, and expects to produce 50 tonnes a day

We hear more about this and it’s likely impact on a rebounding economy.

– And we also hear of the report in the quarries of Andilana, Madagascar, where the artisanal extraction of beryl, a semi-precious stone that is a source of income for the inhabitants, has

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Remember the Alamo? A battle brews in Texas over history versus lore

“What happened at the Alamo again?” asked my cousin, who was visiting from Missouri. It was sometime in the early 1990s and we were in San Antonio, lined up to see the best-known tourist attraction in Texas.

As we passed through arched wooden doors into the 18th-century mission chapel, my sister piped in: “This is where Mexican general Santa Anna tried to take Texas back from Davy Crockett!”

Of course, that wasn’t quite right. My sister and I grew up in San Antonio, but she may have been out sick the day her seventh-grade Texas history class covered

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SC summons PPP office-bearer for using derogatory language for CJP

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Tuesday issued a show-cause notice to a PPP office-bearer for using derogatory language against the chief justice. 

The apex court issued the notice Tuesday to PPP representative Masood-ur-Rahman Abbasi, whose video has gone viral on social media. In the video, Abbasi can be seen insulting the chief justice.

A four-member bench of the Supreme Court, presided over by Justice Umar Ata Bandial held contempt proceedings against Rehman, who the court observed was the General Secretary of the PPP in the PS-114 constituency.

Proceedings against the incendiary speech were initiated on Monday.

Justice Bandial

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Politics Podcast: Why Progressives Have Struggled In The NYC Mayoral Race

Progressive Democrats have struggled to break through in one of the most high-profile elections of the year: the Democratic primary for New York City mayor. With just five days until the election, candidates who have stayed away from more progressive positions on policing, taxes, development and education continue to dominate in the polls. We’ve seen a similar dynamic in some races beyond New York this year as well.

In this installment of the FiveThirtyEight Politics podcast, we hear from two people involved in the progressive movement in New York City about what’s happening in the race and how

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3 scholarship and fellowship programmes you can apply for in June-July

Good scholarships can change the trajectory of a student’s career path and life. Especially during the pandemic, thousands of students are wondering if they should discontinue higher education because of the deaths of their parents or job losses.

At such a time, good scholarships come as a blessing and support well-deserved students to make a good future for themselves.

Check out these three major scholarship and fellowship programmes in India you can apply to by June-July 2021:

1. Abdul Kalam Technology Innovation National Fellowship 2021-22

Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE) is offering Abdul Kalam Technology Innovation National Fellowship 2021-22

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on Track for Strong but Uneven Growth as COVID-19 Still Weighs

A year and a half since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the global economy is poised to stage its most robust post-recession recovery in 80 years in 2021. But the rebound is expected to be uneven across countries, as major economies look set to register strong growth even as many developing economies lag.

Global growth is expected to accelerate to 5.6% this year, largely on the strength in major economies such as the United States and China. And while growth for almost every region of the world has been revised upward for 2021, many continue to grapple with COVID-19

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