Month: May 2021

Jake Pratt: Man with Down Syndrome Working at UPS Inspires Scholarship

Jake Pratt: Man with Down Syndrome Working at UPS Inspires Scholarship |

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UK retail spending soars as economy reopens

British shoppers splashed out on new clothes in April after shops reopened following months of lockdown closures, adding to signs of a robust economic recovery, official data showed on Friday.

Sales volumes in April jumped 9.2% month on month – twice the average forecast in a Reuters poll of economists and the biggest rise since June – after rising 5.1% in March. Clothing sales soared by almost 70%.

“Fashion retailers (were) the ultimate beneficiaries of beer gardens reopening and the ‘rule of six’ night out returning,” said Aled Jones, head of retail at Lloyds Bank.

Bank of England policymakers are

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Basque Country’s cider houses keep an ancient history alive

With more Michelin stars per capita than any city on Earth, San Sebastián is the gastronomic center of Spain, and possibly the world. And the world has taken notice.

In recent years the city’s famous pintxo bars (a Basque spin on tapas) have grown increasingly popular with tourists. Local food tours steer groups away from Old Town, the cramped neighborhood that swells to bursting during the evening rush. But San Sebastián’s culinary heritage includes a potent, older attraction: cider.

Dry, tart, and barely carbonated, this fermented apple cider has a history that dates to pre-Roman times. It’s a staple

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AI Tool Could Change Language in Films

A start-up company has a tool that it says can recreate lip sync – matching a speaker’s lip movements with pre-recorded audio – in films.

The artificial intelligence, or AI, tool may change how film producers replace recorded speech in a movie with speech recorded in another language. This process is known as dubbing.

Start-up Flawless AI, co-founded by film director Scott Mann, has a tool that it says can recreate lip sync without changing the performance of the actors.

The tool studies how actors move their mouths. It then changes the movements to sync with the replaced, or dubbed,

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KUTVUtah juniors celebrate change after fearing they'd lose out on state scholarshipSome Utah students are celebrating a victory after worrying they would not get thousands of dollars for college. The state reversed course and …2 days ago

KUTVUtah juniors celebrate change after fearing they’d lose out on state
scholarshipSome Utah students are celebrating a victory after worrying they would not
get thousands of dollars for college. The state reversed course and …2 days ago… Read More

Lafayette native sets up $1M endowed scholarship at Southern University | Education

Southern University alumni Mark and Dawn Malveaux are giving students at the university a leg up — like they received as Jaguars — with the first $1 million endowed scholarship in the university’s history.

The Malveauxs officially presented the gift at the Southern University Board of Supervisors meeting on Friday. The gift will support students at the school’s College of Business, where Mark Malveaux graduated magna cum laude in 1989 with a degree in economics. His wife, Dawn Malveaux, is a third-generation Southern University alumna and graduated with a computer science degree in 1984.

In addition to the scholarship,

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As economy fully reopens, downtown merchants struggle to achieve full staffing

GREAT BARRINGTON — As the commercial hub of southern Berkshire County, downtown Great Barrington enjoys a special status that can be a blessing or a curse. Right now, downtown merchants are facing down the curse of the pandemic: trying to find workers as COVID-related restrictions ease and the busy summer season approaches.

Earlier this week, Gov. Charlie Baker announced that, as of May 29, which is the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend and sooner than expected, almost all COVID-19 restrictions will come to an end. That weekend will also be the first for the expanded version of Great Barrington’s

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Popular Parental Advice to Teens Throughout History

50,000 B.C., Eurasia

“You don’t need to know what you want from life yet! All the most interesting people I’ve met had no clue in their teens, spent their twenties chasing aurochs, and were dead by thirty.”

15,000 B.C., Central Europe

“Please be helpful this week and stop making whistles out of vulture bones when you should be making digging sticks out of mammoth scapulas. Oh, everyone’s doing it? I suppose if everyone painted a phallus on a cave wall, you would, too?”

7000 B.C., Turkey

“Megaliths build character. Push! Push!”

1550 B.C., Canaan

“If you go out tonight, please

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Readers Write: Language around equity, marijuana, the Legislature, Bob Dylan

“Vulnerable communities” has become the go-to term for discussing health equity in Minnesota, but it is incorrect. I’ve been volunteering since January to help with vaccine distribution, create pop-up clinics and hold listening sessions, and the people I’ve connected with are not vulnerable. They may work a different job or speak a different language than I do, but they are capable and smart. Would you feel comfortable talking to a room full of high school seniors who may be mostly students of color and looking them in the face and calling them vulnerable? I didn’t think so. What about people

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Matt Gaetz equates sex trafficking investigation with earmarks in Ohio speech

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio — Rep. Matt Gaetz, the Florida Republican mired in controversy, told a crowd of Republican activists Saturday that sexual misconduct allegations involving him are as benign as legislative earmarks.

“I’m being falsely accused of exchanging money for naughty favors,” Gaetz said at the Ohio Political Summit, a gathering sponsored by the Strongsville GOP in suburban Cleveland. “Yet, Congress has reinstituted a process that legalizes the corrupt act of exchanging money for favors, through earmarks, and everybody knows that that’s the corruption.”

Gaetz’s keynote speech came a day after Joel Greenberg, a former Florida tax official and associate of

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