Month: May 2021

Romney says Republicans blocking January 6 commission ‘would be seen as not wanting to let the truth come out’

“I think the perception is on the part of the public that the January 6 Commission just trying to get to the truth of what happened, and that Republicans would be seen as not wanting to let the truth come out,” Romney told CNN on Wednesday. “I don’t believe that’s what’s the motivation but I think that’s the perception.”

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has set up a vote to open debate on the commission bill, which is expected to take place on Thursday, but it lacks the 60 votes to overcome a filibuster.

The overwhelming majority of GOP senators

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Conrad student earns big scholarship

CONRAD — Bridger Gouchenour, a senior at Conrad High School, was recently awarded a $10,000 scholarship from H&R Block as part of the company’s “Make Every Block Better” program.

Bridger was selected because of his willingness and ability to drive change, connect people, and create impact in his community. He spearheaded a project to create an ADA-compliant path at Legion Park – a project that was deeply personal for him.

Bridger explained, “I did it because my grandmother, in the last years of her life, she was paralyzed from the neck down. We would always hangout at this park but

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Police seize more guns in 2021 after deadliest year in Cincinnati history

CINCINNATI — After the city of Cincinnati set a record for homicides in 2020, officers with the Cincinnati Police Department have stepped up their efforts and taken more than 600 guns off the streets so far in 2021.

In 2020, 94 people were killed across Cincinnati. In response, CPD officers looked at crime analytics to see which areas were getting the most gun calls from, and they are moving patrols to those areas. So far, this has resulted in a 50% increase in guns taken off the streets compared to this time in 2020.

“When you look at the last

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Manchin blasts McConnell for playing politics on Jan. 6 bill

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AOPA awards $1.1 million to 2021 scholarship winners

This marks the most funds the AOPA Foundation has distributed through scholarships in one year. Since 2012, the AOPA Foundation has awarded nearly $4 million in scholarships.

“We are thrilled with our generous donors and the impact they are making for these scholarship winners,” said AOPA Foundation Executive Director Melissa Rudinger. “High schoolers are able to get an early start in aviation, aviation teachers can gain a better understanding of the material they teach by learning to fly, others can continue their primary training, and already certificated pilots can work on higher ratings and certificates.”

The Ray Foundation, established by

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Fed Minutes April 2021: Officials Hint They Might Soon Talk About Slowing Bond-Buying

Officials have been clear that they plan to slow down bond-buying first, while leaving interest rates at rock bottom until the annual inflation rate has moved sustainably above 2 percent and the labor market has returned to full employment.

Markets are extremely attuned to the Fed’s plans for bond purchases, which tend to keep asset prices high by getting money flowing around the financial system. Central bankers are, as a result, very cautious in talking about their plans to taper those purchases. They want to give plenty of forewarning before changing the policy to avoid inciting gyrations in stocks or

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The 25 best moments in Milwaukee Bucks playoff history

We’ve chronicled the Milwaukee Bucks’ 1971 NBA championship as it celebrates its 50th anniversary, but what’s striking about the run is a lack of a clear-cut “moment” to look back upon.

Milwaukee crushed Baltimore in four straight games, and if there was a particularly memorable moment from the playoff run, it was probably the last-second heave by Joe Ellis that gave the San Francisco Warriors a 106-104 win and prolonged the conference semifinals by one game.

So let’s set aside the actual winning of a championship — something this year’s Bucks will hope to replicate when they begin their

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I need to stop faking it in the language I’m supposed to speak

So I started taking weekly lessons.

¿Cómo te van estas clases?” my teacher asked me. How are these classes going?

Honestamente, son difíciles.” Honestly, they’re difficult, I told her.

I don’t just mean linguistically. I mean spiritually and culturally. I mean learning a language is a challenge, yes, but learning a language you think you should already know is an emotional challenge that opens old wounds. It brings back memories of the other Latin kids in high school who called me “gringo,” and of the brown girls who dismissed me as not down or brown or

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Paul Ryan to enter GOP’s civil war by criticizing Trump’s hold on party

Ryan, a critic of the former President in the past, is expected to say at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California, that Republicans must move away from the “populist appeal of one personality” because “then we’re not going anywhere.”

“Once again, we conservatives find ourselves at a crossroads. And here’s one reality we have to face: If the conservative cause depends on the populist appeal of one personality, or on second-rate imitations, then we’re not going anywhere. Voters looking for Republican leaders want to see independence and mettle,” Ryan is expected to say.

Although Ryan doesn’t mention
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